As your horse gets older and is no longer able to withstand the rigors of showing or riding, it becomes a difficult task to find a suitable place for your beloved friend and companion to relax and enjoy the golden years of retirement. We here at Phantom Brook Farm offer superb retirement packages for the older equine members of the family.

We have had the privilege to care many extraordinary retirees. Whether a special equine family member or a World Champion Saddlebred, each is special in our minds and is treated as such.

We offer complete and specialized care for the equine senior citizen such as:

Standard boarding package basics as listed under our "Boarding" web page
Specialized feed depending on the condition
Addition of feed supplements (e.g. joint and hoof care) - cost of supplements billed separately.
Specific rotational worming schedules depending on need and condition of the horse
Fly treatments for the summer months
Water " spray showers" in extreme heat
Pasture turnout with stall in order to assist with stiff joints
Quality hay and grain specific for older horse needs
Bran mashes given for extreme weather changes and to encourage better eating as needed
Blanketing, if needed, for winter months
Routine hoof care by expert farriers - billed separately
Routine vaccinations and dental work by veterinarians - billed separately
Other services available upon request

No stallions are accepted

We encourage visitations by you during the retirement stay. If you cannot visit, we can arrange to send you periodic photos and updates on the health and well being of your companion.

Marilyn is a skilled veterinary nurse / technician with years of experience in geriatric care. She has recently completed a semester equine nutrition course at Rutgers University given by noted veterinary equine nutritionist Dr. Sarah Ralston. The combination of proper nutrition, good veterinary care and TLC can make the winning combination for your beloved equine companion.

As a retiree at Phantom Brook Farm, you can be rest assured that your horse will receive the best possible care. We have a long reputation in quality and compassionate senior care. We will take care of your horse like it was one of our own. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

Quality is our number one focus.

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