Phantom Brook Farm
Phantom Brook Farm is an exclusive equine full care residential boarding, assisted veterinary care, and retirement facility located in the rolling hills of northwest New Jersey. The farm's family owned business spans over 50 years and continues to evolve and expand to meet the needs of today's horse enthusiast and professional.

At Phantom Brook Farm, we strongly believe in quality care. Each horse is cared for as an individual and treated as though one of our own. We have remained a small facility so as to assure continuance of that personalized care we have become so famous for. We are owner operated, live on the site and care for each horse ourselves. Our attention to detail as well as the TLC given to each horse sets Phantom Brook Farm far apart from the rest.

Beginning as a boarding and training facility, the farm has expanded to include retirement and most recently in 2005, an assisted care facility. Knowing our reputation and Marilyn's experience as a veterinary nurse/technician, several veterinarians suggested we offer specialized care for injured or post surgical horses since many horse owners are unable to do so. To answer the need, the assisted care facility was constructed and is now operating with referrals from both New Jersey and out-of state veterinarians.

The Facility
The facility includes:
All barns with individual box stalls
Stalls are matted for hoof and leg comfort
Several stalls with individual paddocks
Hospital barn for surgical or veterinary medical patients
Foaling and broodmare facilities
Nelson heated automatic waterers in each stall
Pasture turnout in appropriate weather
Heated feed room for customized food preparation
Window fans for each stall in summer months
Heated tack room
Indoor arena for exercise
Outdoor riding ring
Heated lounge area for indoor arena observation
Diagnostic lab on premises for medical patients
Barn security system – fire and theft
Safe and secure fencing
Camera monitoring available for all stalls
Turnout pastures and paddocks designed to meet individual needs
Pro-Cutter remote cow for cutting practice

The Owners/Operators
Joe and Marilyn Miller Heath, who collectively have over 80 years of experience with horses, own and operate the facility. They are active in running every aspect of the facility as well as the care given to each individual horse. They live on site assuring 24/7 coverage of each horse.

Marilyn is a registered veterinary nurse/technician with over 50 years experience with horses. She is an accomplished veterinary author on surgery and wound healing and has extensive experience in leg injuries. Marilyn is a member of the NJVMA, NJVTA, NAVTA and a charter member of the AAEVT. She has taken graduate courses in physiology, has a Masters degree, and most recently completed coursework in nutrition at Rutgers University under noted equine veterinary nutritionist Dr. Sarah Ralston.

Joe's focus is in the farm's pasture management and the daily maintenance needs for each horse and that of the facility. He also specializes in equine behavior adding to the knowledge and proficiency base available for each horse under our care.

Quality is our number one focus.

E-mail Us

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203 Washburn Ave.
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Phone: 908-689-4428 / Fax: 908-689-2992